Virtual Reality (VR) revives experience in a scenario produced by a computerized software program. The existence of Virtual Reality Games without controllers is one example of technological advancement that has really shaped the human ecosytem.

A little on Virtual reality

Virtual reality appears to be similar to the real world but in a captivating environment which creates a crazy experience which is not within the range of physical reality.

Information in any form especially fed into a headset which would show virtual reality images would be seen as “VR” experiences.

Multi projected environments which are essentially enhanced with images, sounds , and other related uproars revive the users physical experience into virtual reality.

You can’t withstand the fear

This advanced recognition has been drafted into what we now refer to as a virtual reality or VR experience . This is the same technology that has been integrated into the helmet of refined fighter jet pilots who now make split and precise decisions flying at a very high speed exceeding Mach 2.

we could also act what these pilots do when they are speeding at Mach 2 by playing this virtually with VR games without controller. Doing so would be difficult but it is not impossible either and could be experienced in a Virtual Reality game.

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There was a time that many argued as to how to play VR games without controller and that question has been answered correctly without any doubt left in anybody’s mind.

2017 recorded the production of some of the world’s best virtual reality headsets

Some though used a separate controller, the newer models of virtual reality games are being introduced without controllers which has been the ultimate in most of what we see around us today. Today, we share a list of some of the VR games without controller.

Top Virtual Reality Horror Games Without Controller

Virtual Reality games are now becoming the latest craze around the globe and it is an experience like none other and the joy generated has driven it to a new dimension.


The virtual experience is like being on the front seat o a rollercoaster and it is an adrenaline pumping ride like none other.

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Players could look around them and see virtually most of what and rollercoaster ride would be. This VR games for android without controller also gives the players the sounds of the crowd, the rollercoaster streaming sounds and noises of the birds


Horror close at hand with an ambiguous woman guiding players through what happens after we leave our planet earth and step into the underworld. There is absolutely no turning back and you would need to walk through and experience some scary moments which would give you an insight of what it is to be dead.

Personally, Insidious VR is one of my top Virtual Reality Games available for playing without controllers


This is a soldier battling many foes who would come fighting without lapse and in different phases which needs quick reflexes and sharp shooting if you are vying to win the battle. Beware of your surroundings when moving your head around trying to avert whilst shooting are the attackers and if there are any obstacles could hurt you.

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This is very simple idea of just crossing the road which you would know is really child’s play but it comes down to a life and death situation where cars, trucks, and vans ‘ll be coming down at you. The simple chore of crossing the road becomes a nightmare.


If here snowballs is being thrown at you, all coming at you at great speed. You need to avoid them and in the main time fight them back with a 180 degree vision. This may be child’s play but when getting into the act it is one of the most exciting VR games with no controller.


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