Knowing how to use and fully utilise your android device for the better is something most people don’t know,
The Android OS, an operating system which is managed and owned by google, here are 6 unknown android features you probably never realized

most of the recent versions are Marshmallow 6.0 – 6.0.1 ( released on October 5, 2015), Nougat 7.0 – 7.1.2 (released on August 22, 2016) ,the latest which is android 8.1 Oreo (released on 1 December 2017), these versions are known for their cool user interface and beautiful features.

The Android OS runs on most brands like Infinix, Tecno etc even on popular brands like Samsung, Nokia etc

They are so many cool stuffs you can do with your android device, but today i will be showing some of the unknown cool stuffs you can do with your android device.

6 Cool Unknown Android Features You never Realized

Now these are the cool features of your android phone you never knew

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1) As a remote control for your PC:

For this to work your computer is expected not to be on sleep mode, this feature is mostly used when the PC keyboard or mouse isn’t functioning, from my experience I’ve used “PC remote” available on play store and it worked perfectly for me.

2) For programming / coding :

Thanks to Android developers, you can now code as you like (you might be limited depending on the language you code) with your android device without really using your PC. They’re many apps available on play store that will make such tasks easy, apps like Q-edit (i call this the Android notepad), C4driod(makes you code languages like c++, c# etc on your android device) and many other apps, for app developers you can write your codes with your android device then debug / run it on your PC.
I do use my Android to code (JavaScript) and it’s cool because i can take in anywhere and anytime.

3) For Graphic designs :

Many apps on play store enables android users to be able to design flyers, cards etc apps like Canva, Picart, Pixel lab etc are the best for graphic designing we also have CTdesign and logopit.
Using your android device for graphic designing is easy and portable.

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4) As a router :

Your android device can be used as a middleman between your PC and the internet, instead of using your modem or buying a router(if you are out of cash) you can use your android device.

5) locate / wipe a lost phone :

Most apps which allows Android users to locate lost phones or wipe out another phone are available online, especially the “Android device manager” app, this app can be used to locate lost Android phones connected to google accounts.

6) As a closed circuit television (CCTV) :

Thanks to the developers of the AtHome video streamer, you can use your old android phones to spy on your home (security reasons please), the advantage of the Athome video streamer is that it also enables you to watch the videos from your PC.

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Now you know some cool stuffs you can do with your android device, but they are still many cool stuffs you can do with your android device.

Kindly comment other cool unknown android features that can be done with Android devices which wasn’t stated.

This is a guest post submitted by Isaac Somto of techcrest
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