Technological advancements of last decade just changed the way of spying. Especially the latest apps are providing easy ways to monitor others, and WhatsApp is one of the most useful apps that people love to spy on their kids, partners and even to supervise their employees. However, WhatsApp is not an enough considerable choice to make yourself aware of all of the activities of your teenaged kids or partners, but with the assistance of following free WhatsApp Spy Apps, you can access all of the news of others’ WhatsApp activity. Here we go to overview the features and significant information about these WhatsApp Spy Apps.


If you are looking for WhatsApp spying apps, then you should not ignore the name of this free spy app for Android. With the help of this wonderful app, you can access all of the data, messages and browsing the history of your target. Moreover, mSpy allows you to track GPS location and Snapchat account of the targeted person too. You can get mSpy both at iOS and Android easily.


AppSpy is considered the best and most effective app you are looking to monitor the WhatsApp activities of your kids or even your partner. You can use this user-friendly app for free of cost with complete control over target device. Unfortunately, AppSpy is not available at iOS and doesn’t provide the feature of the screenshot.

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If you are worried about the friendships of your teens, then TruthSpy is the perfect solution of all of your worries. With the support of this WhatsApp Spy App, you can effectively oversee the call logs, Snapchat activities and voice memos of your teens. On the other hand, with the help of GPS tracking, you can surveillance your kids’ locations. Although TruthSpy is available at both iOS and Android free of cost its premium version is also available with outstanding features.

Mobile Spy

Cheating and frauds are widespread in relationships nowadays, but if you want to surveillance the all available and deleted activities of the user, then Mobile Spy is terrific software. With the support of this outstanding app, you can spy the conversations, browsing history and call logs of the target with the exact date, time and location.


If you are looking to monitor all of the actions that are being performed on a mobile phone including the access of WhatsApp, then FlexiSPY is the most reliable spy application that you must use. The use of this application made the data encryption very easy for users, but it doesn’t assist a lot to read WhatsApp chats.

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Spying is difficult on iPhones as compared to Android devices, but with the help of GuestSpy, you can access all of the WhatsApp activities of the target user. GuestSpy is good enough for both Android and iPhones. However, GuestSpy is not free as it is available in two paid versions, one is standard and second is pro, but it is a cheap application to spy all WhatsApp actions of the target.

Spymaster Pro

This is another paid application that offers excellent spying service to surveillance the actions of the target phone. The best thing about this application is the keylogger that allows you to detect all accounts’ passwords of the target device. Similarly, you can also easily unlock the device with Spymaster Pro.


HoverWatch is another great application that doesn’t only detect the activities of target’s WhatsApp account, but you can also get access the data of other chatting apps like line etc. On the contrary, in case your phone got steal then you can see the face of the thief by using the front camera. In addition, it also sends the alert message in the case of SIM replacement. Unfortunately, it is not available at iOS.

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If you want to check and read the message of all social media accounts of the target device including WhatsApp and Facebook, then Copy9 is the best free spy app that you should use. Copy9 also supports to record calls, but it is only providing support to only some confined Android devices.


FoneMonitor is another well-designed application that permits you to hack the WhatsApp account of the target device. With the help of this app, you can quickly open media files of the target device and can also take screenshots. Fortunately, it is available for both Android and iOS devices.

All in all, these are our list of the best WhatsApp Spy Apps that will assist you a lot to monitor the activities of your employees, kids and even your partner.

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