Augmented Reality is a fine blend of the digital and physical world. It does not create a completely different world around the user; instead, it places digital elements in the physical world of the user, enhancing his idea of reality.

Augmented reality makes the life of the user easier. It helps them view the world from an enhanced perspective and to make decisions even more efficiently.

After the outbound success of the famous Pokémon Go, some of the best iPhone app developers and experts of the field begin discovering and introducing many innovations with augmented reality which has awe-inspired the users.

As per the stats, augmented reality in terms of mobile apps has generated $884.1 million in revenue in 2017 alone, which is predicted to cross $6218.23 million by 2020.

Moreover, over 300 million users are there who produce content using AR applications. It is expected that by the end of the year 2018, more than a billion users will be generating content via augmented reality apps.

Learn more about the impacts of augmented reality on mobile app development and the way it influences many different industries and sectors.

The Scope of Augmented Reality in Various Industries

Let’s discuss the scope of augmented reality in various industries.

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The ecosystem of gaming industries continues to evolve as more and more advancements surface. To capture and retain the attention of users developers are using augmented reality powered-apps that have taken the bar higher. The gaming standards have shown a massive shift and now the gamers can be a hunter, shooter or a cop to catch his thief- all in the real world.

The way people got attracted towards catching Pokémon, show their likeness and interest to experience such a level of technological interactions with the digital elements. Another great example of augmented reality- enabled apps is the IOS Piclings app that picks images from your camera roll, redefines them and add them into the game world.


Augmented reality has made learning much more efficient.

It has given an effective manner of doing thorough and deep learning by understating the subject from every perspective and interacting with it.

Though it’s not as efficient as artificial intelligence through 3D modelling it can let you view the object from different angles and to learn its functionality perfectly.

The AR educational apps are highly interactive and engaging. It captures the attention of the user and sustains it throughout infusing many complex concepts easily and proficiently. According to the statistics, the education technology industry, which is called the EDTech, is expected to cross $252 billion revenues by 2020 where augmented reality is more likely to take the lead with its contribution.

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Real Estate

Augmented Reality can help you view every corner of the house before you finalize any deal. It can let you build your dream house in just the way you planned it by fitting different objects and viewing their looks. It’s more like a game changer in the retail industry as it brings customers towards your brand by offering highly interactive means to finalize a deal or for selecting a house.

If your retail business handles construction projects too, then you can be sure about the productivity of your work. With the help of augmented reality, you can exactly show customers how their house will look.


Augmented reality has emerged to be a technology that can efficiently resolve operational issues. It can organize your task effectively while helping you monitor production at all levels much more professionally and proficiently.

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The AR apps illustrate the highest level of advancements and assist businesses in bringing stability. You can use AR makers to view the production of objects in the real time. The areas that are more likely to get improvised with the touch of AR involves expert support, quality assurance, maintenance, and complex assembly. You can unlock greatness and understand complexity just by having a professional Augmented Reality mobile application.


Augmented reality has truly redefined the entertainment industry. For motion pictures, it has been used to generate PR and marketing initiatives. The AR-enabled apps manipulate surroundings and help users to indulge in the craziness of its features. Apps like Snapchat is famous for being incredibly interactive. It has the many filters that can add digital elements in your surrounding and on your face. These apps grab the geometry of your surroundings and transform them digitally enabling you to interact with digital environs.

Wrapping Up

Augmented Reality has truly opened the floodgates to uncountable opportunities in the world of technology. It provides a progressive platform to developers to innovate and amuses their users.

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