Since everyone nowadays is a fan of hoverboards and it has evolved to be a trend-setter, many people are offering ‘mini’ versions of these hoverboards for the ‘mini’ versions of us. Like everything in this World, hoverboards have small sizes as well, mainly designed to be used by our children.

As the hoverboards used by ‘cool’ teens are not suitable for kids since they are too heavy, big in sizes or even difficult to operate; hoverboard manufacturers have offered us to have smaller, sturdy and efficient hoverboards for the use of our children so they could have similar fun and experience the mesmerizing rides of hoverboards.

Following is a list of some of the Best Hoverboards for Kids that are amazingly worth every penny of yours: 

  1. Hoverheart 4.5” Hoverboard for Kids

This is the smallest hoverboard for kids available, and is the greatest option available. With its 4.5” wheels, it makes it smaller and lightweight than the other two-wheel scooters available. Also being cheaper than other hoverboards, Hoverheart can be categorized as the Best Hoverboards for Kids.

This board is available in 4 different colors, can go up to 6 miles per hour and can cover up to 5-6 miles.

2.Hoverzon S Series

If you want a hoverboard with a larger size, more color combinations, or just a reliable and a classic design in a hoverboard, this might be the choice for you. Coming with 6.5” wheels and included LED lights to travel in night, the S series hoverboard may be the best hoverboard in town.

Covering a massive distance of 11 miles, in 8 miles per hour, this hoverboard is a ‘Speed King’.

3. Hoverheart Flash Wheel

Looking for a hoverboard for your kids with a little more ‘coolness’ than the other ones available in the market? This might to the thing for you. Hoverheart makes another beautiful hoverboard for the kids, with great design, LED lights on the front and the back bumpers, making this hoverboard the ‘King of the Hoverboards’.

It comes with 12 different colors; including chrome colors and different prints. Going on a speed of 10 miles per hour, it can cover a total distance of 10 miles.

4. Segway Minilite Self-balancing Personal Transporter

After a successful version made by them as the ‘adult transporter’, Segway finally made a mini version of their transporter. They officially recommend this version for ages 6 and up and although it’s not great for tricks or goofing around, it’s the perfect thing for riding around.

This version comes with only a white color and can go up to 10 miles per hour and can cover 11 miles, making it the Best Hoverboard for Kids.

In the end, one question raises; are these Hoverboards really safe? The answer is; yes and no.

Yes; they are safe. It is fun carrying around and playing with other kids, if the kids are trained.

No; they are not safe. Although it’s fun and all, without getting properly trained, the kids might get hurt.


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