It’s impossible to work online without having to write something: emails, letters, status on social networks, blog
articles. Spelling and grammar play a fundamental role in the image of your company. Too many mistakes will give the impression of total disinterest for the reader. In addition, an awkward syntax will quickly make a text incomprehensible, which can hinder your professional steps: prospecting, loyalty, and
search for partnership.
Fortunately, there are tools to make writing easier and the best grammar checker exists too. Indeed, even after several
re-readings, a shell can go to the trap. As for the subtleties of the all language, they are so numerous that it
is normal to omit some of them.
1. Reverso
The Reverso site is well known for machine translation, but it also offers an online spell-check tool for the
French language. Very complete, Reverso is one of the online correctors to know. This site will
help you in all the editorial aspects of your work: writing, editing, and translation. It
automatically corrects your mistakes and explains the reason for the replacement. It’s up to you to
analyze whether it’s justified or not.
Best of Reverso features:
● With Reverso, you can have your texts checked in French and English, and have them
translated into Italian, German or Spanish.
● Just like Language Tool, the tool offers a Chrome extension that allows you to save time
writing certain texts.
● Its particularity is that it proposes an immediate self-correction. In other words, as soon
as you validate your text, Reverso automatically corrects some errors.
● Reverso manages to spot errors that other correctors have neglected, for example, “sure
the theme of spelling” (that had to be written “on the theme” without the accent).
2. Scribens: the most complete spell checker
The site’s line offers users access to the vocabulary and the essential grammatical rules of English. It is a
good way to correct your mistakes in a cover letter, for example.
It contains:
● Spelling and grammar checker,
● A reminder of the general rules of English,
● Correction of the score,
● A quick definition of underlined words,
● Correction of emails directly in your mailbox,
● Correction of texts directly on social networks,
● The possibility of sharing the site through social networks,
● Plugging available for a free trial,
● Protection of privacy thanks to a secure SSL connection,
3. Sentencecheckup in which you can paste an original text and search for spelling mistakes,
including some typographical errors (many commas, lack of punctuation, etc.)

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