Techinary is giving away one .com domain to the most active reader on our site. 

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How to win the giveaway:

To win the giveaway, you simply  have to increase your activity on our website by gaining points. 

How are points awarded? 

Points are as follows: 

1: Guest Articles : Submit a publishable article on techinary and you get 100points.  You can submit articles here . 

2. Comments: Each approved comment earns you 20points: Make sure you use the correct email when you post a comment. i.e  comment email must be the same email as the one you subscribed to our email with. 

3. Comment replies: For each comment reply we approve, you get 10points credited to your name. 

The winner will be announced on the 20th of September 2018 by 8am Nigerian Time Via email and via our official chatbot