Technology is a science or knowledge put into practical use to solve certain problems. With the technology on disposal in many areas, students are using it on their homework. Most schools have learning management systems that allow parents and teachers to view the progress of assignments given to children. It has made scheduling easier where by all assignments are in a calendar and the student is easily reminded through the laptop or smart phone that he or she is required to complete a certain task. The ability to finish and submit assignments electronically lowers the chance of forgetting or losing homework sheets. However, technology also got some challenges when used during homework time. Below are some of them;

Distraction leading to lack of concentration

It has been reported that students minds easily get disorganized leading them to think poorly and lose focus due to divided attention. One’s technology is used when doing homework, it should have limited access on some sites for it to be of benefit to the student. This is because some sites tend to fully corrupt the students minds. Though this has been a difficult thing to do.

It hurts critical thinking and their ability to do the homework

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Through the use of technology, students are been conditioned to find all answers in the internet without having to think. Some students are always on earphones or scrolling their devices up down, sideways instead of having to concentrate on their studies. It has led to parents and teachers always saying unplug for the students to listen to them.

It incorporates crutch

This is where by students always rush to the internet before even having to think. They copy and paste whatever information they get. This does not help in anyway and they complete the homework without getting to understand exactly what they were supposed to understand. Ones the technology is withdrawn, they face spelling mistakes problems for they have been used to using autocorrect application.

Lack of internet leading to missing of some important school work.

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This is a problem that should be taken into account. Some students are not in a position to access notes and assignment sent electronically. This affects them because they will not do the work or read the notes sent to them. That’s why there are some students who will always lay behind in studies

Using of social media leads to losing focus

This is where you find a student logged in to YouTube, Facebook, twitter, or school help sites instead of completing the assignment assigned. This really affects the child because he or she has to sleep late for they want to explore their social media and also complete their work. They therefore end up doing the work very fast and sometimes incorrectly. Sleeping late leads them to waking up fatigued.

Affects performance

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When a child does not concentrate in his studies or homework, it’s most likely that he will perform poorly. It can also happen when he or she derives every information without having to think. This makes most students lazy and assume they are good to go ones they get right all the homework. Homework initially is meant to help the student and emphasize more on what they have been taught and through technology it becomes difficult for teachers to know areas of difficulties, since most of the questions are answered right.

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