When designing gardens it is always advisable to make plans that serve as a guide. Without losing detail of what you, want to create. Taking into account, the space and all the elements that you wish to include. For this purpose the software for designing gardens, is a tool that saves a lot of time. Also allows the designer to have a more elaborate and clear idea of what he wants to build.

Planning the design of a garden is essential. To be able to adapt, it needs and interests of the person to whom it will be directed. In addition, the best spaces are those that have started with a simple plan.

There is also best gardening apps are available if you are seriously smartphone user. That help to doing design & plan for your garden on the way. Whatever you are using platform either ios or android. Many of garden apps are release for both platform.

Photo software for garden design

Tools such as software for garden design, are excellent, since they not only help to make plans of what you want to create, but also to project the location of all the elements and have a very specific idea of the results that we can obtain.

It is necessary to project the space, adding structures that are fixed in it and noting the main levels of the same. This way at the time of placing the vegetation will be much easier to sort it. Also having the measurements you will know if a plant enters the space scheduled or not, but you should always consider the size to which the plant will reach as it grows, thus avoiding future inconveniences.

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There are those who only use programs such as Paint, which only includes two dimensions, and can be located in any operating system of computers, being a basic and easy to use tool, where you can draw any idea easily.

Sketchup: The best choice for designing gardens

Sketchup is a software for garden design, which allows modeling in third dimension landscapes, buildings, scenarios, furniture, people and any item or object that the designer is capable of imagining.

The main objective of this software for garden design is to provide an intuitive and flexible tool. That allows the user to know how his finished garden will look, verifying how to fit each element with another.

This program includes a gallery with images, objects and textures, to download and be able to include them in the designs that are made in it.

Sketchup is a free software that has become very popular nowadays, although many people do not know it, it can help to speed up the work, gaining much more time and having a better effectiveness in the development of the creation of gardens.

These small programs allow large changes in the functions of this software for garden design, providing a variety of features, such as the automated drawing of steel parts, roofing, cornices, among others.


Integrate tools to make graphic models, to be able to make professional presentations in Sketchup.

The software can design all kinds of plans, including a library of elements to place outdoors and diversity of plants. Thanks to this, it is capable to make a complete and assertive design. The objective of this program is to be functional and effective. It is easy to use. As it provides the useful resources that give life to the representations of spaces.

By just drawing several lines and shapes and placing the surfaces, they will be turn into forms in third dimension. This software for garden design, has options to lengthen, copy, rotate and color the forms. So that a good design is completed, making it as real as possible, to help how our gardens will look.

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In addition, you can search several predetermined 3D models with free Sketchup model that you require and you can share it. On the other hand, this garden design software offers video tutorials for the user to learn how to design and create their own concepts.

Lands Design ideal for creating landscapes

Lands Design is another software for the design of gardens, green areas and landscapes, which works with AutoCAD. Allows technical plans to developed both in 3D and 2D, of the garden that you want to make. Showing a realistic presentation of the project, with images and virtual tours.

With this software you can create nurseries, town halls, buildings, sustainable departments and everything they need. Thanks to which Lands Design, one of the best software for garden design and the most complete that exists .

Garden Puzzle a tool for designing gardens

It is another software for garden design, but used by mounting on some image and from there a plane. The designer can add plants and elements .

Garden Puzzle allows you to work online or downloading the application. So you can work on your computer without the need of an internet connection. Also, it has a free option, which allows you to create compositions in your gallery. Unlike the paid option that allows you to use your photographs.

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This application differs from others. Because it is able to define soil and climate conditions, or visualize images of the garden according to the season of the year in which we find ourselves.

When you start to use you can define the horizon line and the size of people in the foreground. In order to automatically adjust the size of the plants. According to the distance, they are placed. Garden Puzzle software for design garden very carefully and complete.

Smart Draw another excellent tool

It is a software for garden design, which has several templates of quick start. Providing the user with dozens of examples, which can be used quickly by just selecting them, creating a design very similar to your project. You can easily customize it.

Smart Draw allows you to share graphics formats such as PDF or Office applications with just a click. It also works with the SharePoint network, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive.

This software for garden design can also be used on any device, either mobile or with a Windows or MAC computer. With facility to download on Android devices and iOS, or any platform, as long as you have an Internet connection.

Another advantage offered by this software for garden design has its technical support, which provides via telephone or email. Experts are always ready to help in free.


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