A lot of people have wondered how Moneygram tracking can be achieved easily. This article aims to reveal the best way to track Moneygram transfers without stress.

What is Moneygram ?

tracking moneygram homepage
tracking moneygram homepage

If you have no idea of what Moneygram is  or how moneygram can be used before hand, that is no problem at all as i would explain shortly.

Moneygram is a funds transfer platform that allows you transfer money from one country to the other without stress. Think of Moneygram as a suitable alternative to western union as they both carry our almostt the same functions.

Moneygram is a funds transfer company which is based in the United States.  Using the MoneyGram platform for money transactions, you can send and receive funds across 200 countries in which they are operate with more than 300,000 functional agent offices and outlets in situated in those countries.

Why is Moneygram transfer preferrable to bank transfers

Moneygram is a preferred platform to transfer money internationally as i mentioned above because it is internationally known and that they have branches in most countries of the world.  some of the other reasons you might prefer using moneygram include:

  1. Location
  2. Online Transferring
  3. Instant and fast transfers
  4. Ease of Transfer
  5. Options to pay bills
  6. Discounts available
  7. etc..


MoneyGram has over 100,000 agent locations in almost 200 countries all around the world while many of these agents already are placed in local retailer locations. So it is easy to find MoneyGram branches where ever you are in different countries and on the other hand the person you send money to him would be able to reach agents easily as well.

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Online transferring

One of the most important MoneyGram advantages is that you are able to send money online through your bank account to a recipient at any time of the day and any place on the universe. By this you can benefit the advantages of electronic payment system as well.

Instant and fast transfers

MoneyGram offers instant transfer of funds to the recipient. By the mean the person you have sent the money to him through MoneyGram would be able to reach it instantly within even minutes.

Easy to transact

You will only need an ID, passport or proof of you true identity to transact funds.

Bill Pay options

Money Gram offers its users all around the world with bill pay service to which connect you with retailers and banks.


In case you use MoneyGram often you would be considered a frequent user and MoneyGram offers transfer fee discounts for you.

Variety of transfers options available

MoneyGram enables you to use a debit card, or via the MoneyGram credit card, and bank account transfers and if your current country would not accept these you can always gain access to the money either in cash withdrawal, account deposit or via home delivery.

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Used by everyone

MoneyGram is there for everyone because you do not need to create a bank account or own a credit card of your own (which many find uncomfortable and is considered a hinderance) in order to make a transaction with MoneyGram as you can always do it without any of them quickly and without stress.

Moneygram Mobile app

You can easily download and install the official MoneyGram mobile app on your Android or iOS device and have access to the huge variety of features and options available as a user. The app has been designed in high security status in order to increase users convenience and safety.


How To Track MoneyGram

Fortunately for us, moneygram tracking is a very easy process thanks to the easy interface the moneygam staff have provided to its customers.

Before we go on, i feel its important to state some things required to enable us find it easier to understand how to track moneygram transfers.

What you need to track Moneygram transfers

In order to comfortably track Moneygram Transfers, you need the following things:

  1. Stable Internet
  2. The Authorization or Reference Number
  3. Your Legal Last Name

Where is the authorization or reference number on a moneygram?

The authorization or reference number on a moneygram is an 8 digit code that can easily be found on the receipt of the sender.

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Moneygram reference Number example

You may also be wondering how the reference number of a moneygram reciept looks like.

Below is an example of a moneygram reference number looks like:

eg: R 12376445

How many digits does a Moneygram refernce number contain?

you might also be wondering how many digits a moneygram reference number contains.

To answer the question, a moneygram reference number contains a 8 digits long number.

How to track Transfers On Moneygram

to track a money transfer on moneygram follow the steps below.

  1. Open the official moneygram tracking portal by clicking here.  
  2. Fill in your reference number and Legal Name as directed on the form when the tracking page loads.
  3. tracking a moneygram transfer
    tracking a moneygram transfer

    After the moneygram reference number  has been filled along with the Legal Lastname, you can proceed to click on the track button. Once the track button has been clicked, the transfer is looked up on the moneygram database and all relevant information is displayed appropriately on the results page.


This tutorial on how to track moneygram transfers is not sponsored by moneygram or any other company.

If you have any issues on tracking your moneygram transfers kindly drop them in the comments box and be sure to recieve a reply soon.

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