Microsoft authentication app will soon be released for apple watch owners and these will help them to keep track of their apple watch and to detect whenever someone logs in into one of their accounts.

This Authenticator app is solely for securely logging in to online services on the Apple Watch as it will allow users to be sure that they really do want to log into an online account by simply tapping on their apple watch.
This will help improve the security of users online account and me the apple watch much secure.

And this would prevent unauthorized parties from gaining access to the accounts.

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The app is said to be released as soon as possible according to Microsoft.πŸ˜‰

As online security is a top priority in the internet world .
Like i always advise , stay secured always.✊✊✊ .

The Microsoft authentication app is available for all smartphone OS.

The Microsoft authentication app may seem not seem that much of a indept security app but its awesomeness can’t be weighed.πŸ˜‰

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Stay #techified✊


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