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As the company says, “Whether your move is local or long distance…we’re here for You, every step of your way”. iMoving is a service available country-wide, which has enabled the people to move their belongings to their new houses, with all the love and care they deserve. Being the face of efficiency and reliability, iMoving makes sure that their customers get the right atmosphere they need, and move your inventory as if it were their own.

Whether you are moving your whole house or even a small apartment room, iMoving will provide you with the best service available in the whole country, with the proper payment method and security of your belongings.


iMoving Standards

The company follows a great set of rules and regulations on every order they receive. They are improving the moving experience for everyone, day-by-day. To make the experience a better and an easy one, they are aiming to create a bond of trust and transparency between the customers and the movers. The standards that they hold are the heart of the service:

  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Respect
  • Reliability
  • Honest pricing
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  • Professionalism:

Professionalism has been really important their success and is one of the company’s guiding principles. They are always improving; they are ethical, respect privacy and act with integrity. Since the movers are using their name as the service they provide, iMoving makes sure that they are always holding themselves up to the standards provided by the company.

  • Transparency:

Transparency is one of the founding principles of the company. From updating your inventory and pricing to the ratings and reviews of the movers, the company makes sure that there are no changes on a moving day. You can always update your inventory online, and see the exact cost of moving individual items. All the prices are fixed. The company will send you your inventory list 7 days before the moving day, to make sure there is everything you want to move.

  • Respect:
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Treating their customers with respect is the main concern of the company, as it should be of every other company. Respect is the foundation of trust that is needed between the customers and the movers. Similarly, the movers deserve the same kind of respect that the customers need in order to proceed the order with the best manners.

  • Security:

The movers provided the company are totally professional, licensed and insured. The movers are supposed to have the Certificate of Integrity (COI) and are also personally interviewed by the company to make sure they follow the rules and regulations set by the company.

The safety measures taken by the company includes holding the payment for 7 days to make sure the customers have everything they moved. So, you have a whole week to go through your list of inventory and check if your new place has everything belonging to you.

Also, if the mover cancels your order, iMoving will fix you up with another mover which matches your price quote. And in addition, the company charges no cancellation fee from their customers, whatsoever.

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The company offers you to contact them in an easy way.

  • Video Guides:

The company provides “how to” videos that could be watched in order to know exactly how to place an order.

  • FAQs:

The company provides a set frequently asked questions, which can help the customers in a great deal for placing the order.

  • Basic Contact details:

The company provides their business e-mail addresses and phone numbers so the customers can easily reach them.

  • Request a Call back:

The customers can also use the “request a call back” option which will enable the company to call you back to get your order or to provide with all the information you need.




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