Sitemap is a kind of map that allows search bots to better index and crawl your webpages.

There are many online sitemap generators but….. the sad truth is that they ask for our emails and other information and we have to go through stress of registering , confirming email and lot before we can access their website online sitemap generator😰.

But, here is a one that provide and generate quality sitemaps for your websites within seconds,no need for sign up or any registration.. absolutely free✌.

This is a step by step guide with screenshot to show you the way to generating your sitemap within seconds!!!!

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1. Head over to the Sitemap Generator

Sitemap generation home page
Sitemap generator home page

2. Fill in the fields with the details required as done below and click on “generate sitemap” button.

Sitemap generator information Page
Sitemap generator information page

3. Yap, Your sitemap is ready. Download or view😀.

Sitemap is ready

How easier can sitemap generation be?


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