Have you ever recieved or downloaded a zip file and wished you didn’t have to use your PC or Mac before you gain access to the files? This article will teach you how to open or extract zipped files with your android phone.

Zip files are a package of many files which are compressed to one file.

When many files and or folders are compressed or packaged into a single downloadable file the result is a file which is known as a zipped file.

When the files have been compressed, in order for the files it contains to be accessed, the files have to be unzipped.

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Zip files can be unzipped easily on computers/laptops with the use of software like win-rar, winzip, 7zip and a lot more.

The issue is how we can go about the process of extracting or unzipping zipped files on an android smartphone.

You’re lucky to find this article today because I’m going to give you a step by step tutorial on how to extract zip files on your android phone.


How to open a zip file on an android phone

To extract zipped files on your android phone, you need to download an app called “easy unrar”.

Download here :


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OR zarchiver donate apk

Now that you have downloaded the easy unrar apk.

Follow these step-by-step guide to extreact your zip files.

install and open easy unrar to extract zip files from any android phone

2. Navigate to the zip file and check it like i did below to a zip file named ” canvas-tetris-master” game source code which i downloaded on github.

3. Check the “Touch me to extract the archive in the folder below” box and click on the extract button.

4. congratulations, you have just successfully extract the zip package.

4. Let check it out….. Yay, That’s the folder extracted from the zip files. It contains what i need from the zip files.

how to extract zip file in android

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Now… Go ahead and try it out and try to communicate your success in the comment section and if you also have any problem while extracting the zip file, you can also comment in the comment section.

Did you have any problem extracting your files?

How smooth was the process of unzipping your zip file from your android device ? . Let’s discuss via the the comments sectionπŸ˜‰.


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