ShowBox was removed from the app store because of some internal reasons and that has prompted the query on how to download show Box for iPhone.
It’s quite interesting to know that this post will help you to easily download showbox on your iphone.

showbox app for iPhone
download showbox app for iPhone

How To Download Showbox For iPhone

And without muchado,  l will answer the question.
There are a lot of methods we can use to download showbox for iPhone.

Method 1: How To Download Showbox on your iphone using vShare:

If you want to download the Showbox app for your iPhone or iPad you can use vShare.
Here are the steps:

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Download and install vShare on your PC or Mac (computer).

Connect your iPhone to your PC after installing the vShare app.

Now install vShare on your iPhone.

  • Note: For this to work you need to jailbreak your iPhone for the app to be installed.
  • While installing, make sure you tick on the Trust for usage on your iPhone, as a pop up will appear.
    if it doesn’t then appear the follow these steps approve the process: Navigate to Settings, General, Profile and Device Management. Select Trust the developer.

After all installation processes to download the showbox app on your device has been completed, search for ‘”showbox'”.

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Follow all instructions given for installing the app, and then, the app will be installed.
While it starts working, you can now download any movie you wish to download.

Method 2: How To Download Showbox for iphone without Jailbreaking:

The above method should work for you but if it doesn’t, then this is another legal method to download show box for your iPhone.
Note: This doesn’t require any 3rd party tool or jail-breaking techniques.
Here are the Steps:
Download the IPA file for show box, from your browser
After installing this file, click on the file and install it.
Wait for some few seconds.
After installation you can how search for any movie of your choice.

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Show box is a really great app for movies and having know how to download showbox for iPhone, you can now enjoy the movies in showbox.

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