Google Pixel 2 has become one of the most important phones this year. Google has presented the second generation of smartphones with which they seek to conquer the market. Although, since its launch, the device has not been without controversy and several problems of operation. In spite of that, it is a quality telephone.

The Google Pixel 2 offers many possibilities to users. So it is a device that many want to buy. If you are thinking about buying it or you already have it, we leave you with some of the best tricks for the Google Pixel 2. So, you can get the most out of the device.

There are many tricks available for the device. However, we leave you with the most useful and that allow you to get the most out of this phone. Ready to know these tricks?

Tricks for the Google Pixel 2

Block or delete information in case of theft

That they steal our phone is something that worries us all. Luckily, in the case of Google Pixel 2 we no longer need third-party applications to block or delete our device information. This prevents them from falling into the wrong hands. In order to carry out this it is necessary to go to manager. Once there, you select your device and choose the options you want.

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Make backup copies

Backup copies are always useful and recommended to be done from time to time. We have the option of making a backup on the device in a simple way. The route to follow in this case is: Configuration> System> Backup and activate the option that you consider appropriate.

Adjust the size of the screen

You may consider that the elements that appear on the screen are very small. Or on the contrary, you think they are very big. The Google Pixel 2 gives you the option to determine what you consider the right size. To do this you have to follow this route: Settings> Display> Advanced. Once inside we select the desired size.

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Activate energy saving

Although the device battery power provides freedom, it is always advisable to use this mode to save something more. The device gives us the option to activate the energy saving mode. The route to follow is the following: Configuration> Battery> Energy saving and activate the switch. Inside you have the option to choose between a 5% savings or 15%.

Remove applications you do not want

Something that happens in many phones is that we find applications that we do not want. The so-called bloatware, something that also happens in Google Pixel 2. Luckily, we have the possibility to eliminate the applications that we do not want. We have to carry out a series of steps:

Go to the home screen

Swipe from the bottom of the screen up

Then the application drawer opens

Press and hold on the application you want to remove

Select the option information of the application

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Press Uninstall

Unlock with fingerprint

The device has a fingerprint sensor on the back. This way you can block access to the device. You can also set it up so that your fingerprints will help you make payments. To activate this it is necessary to go to Settings> Security and location> Printing and pixels to configure your footprint. If you do not have a fingerprint yet, you simply have to choose the Add Fingerprint tab.

Take a screenshot

One of the most basic and important actions of the devices at present. In the case of Google Pixel 2 to make a screenshot we have to keep pressing the power button and the volume down at the same time. Then, it will be the screenshot.

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These tricks will help you get something more out of Google Pixel 2. A device has much to offer. So do not hesitate to use these tricks to enjoy more the use of the device.


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