Identity theft protection is gaining more importance in the modern day as the menace of
online identity theft is becoming more threatening with every passing day. Hardly any month goes by when news outlets are not reporting news stories of data breaches in major banking organizations, financial companies, e-commerce website, or any other digital company and this leads to you as a user or in tending user asking questions likeΒ  do identity protection services really work? .

With the deep web acting as a black market to easily buy fake or stolen identities, the entire practice of online identity theft has shaped into a profitable venture. In such dark times, it is important for businesses as well as individuals to choose one of the best identity theft protection to avoid falling a prey to online scammers and identity thieves.

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do identity protection services really work
do identity protection services really work

Do Identity Theft Protection Services Really Work?

It is all matter of perspective and experience in general, otherwise, there are millions of
individuals and hundreds of thousands of businesses around the globe who can vouch for
the fact that identity theft protection software does work. Identity theft protection is such a
huge industry that there might be solutions that are suited for one set of customers but not
for another group of customers. Pricing models and business processes are the defining
characters to determine the feasibility of any identity theft protection solution for a particular set of users.

A business cannot use an identity theft software that was designed for individual identity protection needs of common users. Similarly, a software that is deemed best identity theft protection solution for businesses will have little to no utility for individual users.

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Perfect tools for Online Identity Theft Protection

For common users, they require identity theft protection software that is specifically designed for individuals. They have specific services to protect the identity of their users in the form of a strong anti-virus software, credit history checks, medical insurance checks, and other features to protect the identity of individual users. They even offer accounts restoration services for major services, providing much-needed peace of mind to their customers, in case they become a victim of online identity theft.

For Businesses, it is important to utilize only the best identity theft protection, because in
case of the corporate world, losses are heavier and regulators also tend to penalize
companies that allow identity thieves to operate freely in the absence of reliable identity theft protection software. Shufti Pro is a perfect choice for businesses around the world that want a reliable yet cost-effective solution for online identity theft protection. It offers facial verification, document verification, biometric consent verification, 2-factor authentication and address verification using Artificial Intelligence. Real-time verification results are forwarded by Shufti Pro ensuring that users with fake or stolen credentials are instantly red-flagged.
Proof of verifications is also available in Shutfi Pro Back Office. This smart fraud prevention
system is available in 200+ countries and supports 150+ official languages. With no
minimum limit of verification volume, there is hardly any other solution that can claim to be
the best identity theft protection as compared to Shufti Pro. You can learni more about shuftipro here

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In a nutshell, when you ask a question whether online identity protection services work, your answer depends on which perspective you view it from.

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