Arik air, an airline service launched in 2006 officially in Nigeria is one of the nation foremost airlines. Booking flights on Arik air is one necessity for any traveler of the airline. Hold on tight and fasten your seatbelts as we out you through his process of booking flights with ease via Arik air booking.

Arik air booking platform

As is expected of any legitimate airline, there have to be working portals for customers and travelers to be able to book flights with ease. The Official Arik air booking platform is one of these portals. It designed to ease the stress of booking flights and purchasing tickets.

Features Of the Arik Air booking Platform

  1. Real-time Price checking
  2. Easy Booking
  3. Access to support
  4. Access to available flight destinations
  5. Online check In
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Realtime Price Checking

The Arik air booking platform provides you with real-time pricing of flight destinations and ticket costs as well as giving you accurate pricing for return or two way tickets. This feature is one of the plenty that makes the online flight booking platform stand out.

Easy Booking

Utmost care was taken by the arik air to ensure that the portal was as easy as it was efficient. With the platform, booking can be done from logon to checkout in 5 minutes if not less.

Access to support

The flight Booking platform provides support for users who have issues or complaints to issue.

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Access to available flight destinations

On the portal, available destinations can be easily viewed and perused by the customer.

Online check In

You can easily check in to validate your flight tickets via the arik air booking portal.

How to book flights On Arik Air

To Book a flight on arik air platform, simply visit this link and you should be presented with the following screen or something similar


Arik air booking platform landing page
Arik air booking platform landing page

From there, proceed to select your destination and location.

After that has been done, click one the Flight search Button and wait for the page to load.

You can then proceed to make flight payment and book your ticket.

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However, in case you run into any issues, you can easily contact the customer care agent representatives below.

How to contact Arik air booking support

In the case of any issues with the platform and users have a complaint or enqiry to make, arik air support can easily be contacted via the following media:

Arik air Head Office Adress: Arik Aviation Centre, Muritala Muhammed Airport (Domestic Wing), Ikeja, Lagos state. 

Arik air Support Telephone Number: To contact Arik air via phone, users can dial 012799999. 





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