When a huge earthquake hits an environment, smaller quakes which is caused by the shock and vibration from the main earthquake.

And these small baby quakes, as i named them 😁, can undoubtedly cause another series of disaster after the parent earthquake hit.
The most dangerous side of the baby quakes is that, the location they affect may varies.
Scientists can predict the size and timing of these aftershocks to some degree, but getting the definite location had not been easy.

With the amazing power of ai(artificial intelligence) ,
researchers show how deep learning can be an instrument to make better prediction of aftershock locations.
There is a possibility that ai is highly able to solve the problem better than any other existing concept or models.

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Scientists trained a neural network to search for patterns in a database of more than 133,000 main shock and after shock events and thereafter testing its predictions on a database of 30,000 similar pairs.

If AI is able to produce a solution to detect aftershock location, it will help direct emergency services to where they’re needed.
“The deep learning model was able to make it predictions using a factor called “von Mises Yield criterion”, This is a complex calculation used to predict when bodies will begin to break under stress.

This earthquake aftershock location calculator will be one of the major tech inventions of 2018.

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