Are you addicted to games and want to have a mouse that suits your needs? Below, is a guide so you know what to look for when choosing the best gaming mouse.

Five keys to choose the best gamer mouse

For the common user, it does not make much difference. But for extreme gamers, who spend hours moving it, the mouse can be the difference between losing in a little while or becoming a reference in the game. That’s why we analyze the most important variables when choosing a mouse to play.

How do you get the mouse?

This is the first question that needs to be asked. Believe it or not, not everyone grabs the mouse in the same way. There are three ways. Palm, claw or hybrid.

If your case is “palm” type then a large and ergonomic mouse is convenient for you. For the other two types of grip, a standard size mouse will be better.

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how to pick the best gaming mouse
how to pick the best gaming mouse

Size also influences the weight of the mouse. Some prefer it light since they tend to lift it occasionally. That is why many mouse come with small weights of a few grams that make it more or less heavy depending on what the user wants. If you are left-handed, it is worth noting that you will need a neutral mouse since many companies still manufacture them only for right-handers. Read saim deals buyers guide about the mouse before purchasing one so that you don’t regret the decision of choosing a wrong mouse.

With cable or wireless?

Wireless mouse give more freedom (especially if one is the one who connects the notebook to TV and has to move away to avoid going blind) but the disadvantage is that they have a more erratic connection. We can run out of batteries in the middle of the game or lose connection by distance. They are also less precise.

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A wired mouse has higher sensitivity (DPI), less response time and zero chance of suffering “lags”. Which makes it a great friend if the purpose is to use it for FPS games (first person shooter)? Wired mouse of higher quality have cables with sieving of cloth for greater protection of the same.


It means “dots per inch”. This refers to the sensitivity of the mouse. The higher the DPI, the greater the sensitivity. To play in HD resolution (1920×1080) 5000dpi are going to be more than enough. Usually many mouse gamers come with buttons to adjust the amount of dpi while we play. This is very helpful if we need to lower the sensitivity of the mouse to, for example, grab a sniper rifle. By doing so our telescopic sight will move slower, facilitating the shot.

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Laser or optical?

The laser technology is more recent. It can adapt to any surface and have a higher dpi than optical ones. They are also more expensive.


The number of buttons varies according to each mouse. Many have the ability to program them to facilitate performance within the games (or outside them).

For players of “MMORPG” (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Player Game) or any other type of games that require a large number of buttons is an important variable to consider.


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