5 Reasons Why Google is Your Best Friend

Have you ever wondered why a lot of people refer to Google as man’s best friend ever. You don’t have any slight idea of what you are missing till you get to see what Google offers. Some people have argued that man’s best friend are dogs and animals but thats a debate for another day.

In this post, we will be highlighting on five key points which detail the reasons why Google remain man’s best friend.

A lot of people think that google is a search engine but they haven’t realized that its a big company that makes itself available for solution to their problems.

Irrespective of your profession or occupation, you have gone to google at a point in time to fix some issues for yourself or learn get infomative content on what you are seeking for.

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Google is the best friend that this generation has now and here is five reasons why I said so.

  1. Google Search Engine

Google has a search engine which serves as an online directory in the cyberspace. The google search engine is located at www.google.com and through it, a lot of people have gone there to search for things that suits their interest. Students who find their assignements and projectc difficult look up to google to give them tips and hints on getting the answers to their courses and subjects in school. Tech geeks and technicians visit google to get new features on their technological devices and gadgets and through google, you were directed to www.techinary.co

2. Google Mail

Google mail is a good way of communication among people of the world. Popularly known as gmail, google mail as served people well in reaching out to their friends, loved ones, relatives and families by sending them messages and receive feedback from them. Business relations and friendship has been fostered by google mail which makes it possible to send messages to people anywhere in the world..

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3. Blog Monetizing Platform

Google has a blog monetizing platform known as Google Adsense. Google Adsense is popular among bloggers, internet marketers, digital marketers of the world because it is a blog monetization startegy through which bloggers and website owners monetize their traffic and make money from their blog. Google Adsense is free and it has no paid plans as a requirement for joining. A lot of Google Adsense publishers have made a lot of money from google adsense.

4. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a tool that keeps you informed about a particular information. Google Alert notifies you when there is any breaking news within your location or region. If you are a student, you can make use of google alerts to get latest educational news, scholarship news and examinations. Google alerts is a good tool in which google has served mankind.

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5. Youtube

Youtube is the world’s biggest video library. It is a video streaming website where people can visit to watch whatsoever thing that interests them. With youtube, you can watch the latest movies, comedy and funny videos, football highlights and sports videos. The good thing is that Google is a proud owner of Youtube and through that platform, a lot of people has been able to kill boredom and unhappiness by watching anything that will give them excitement.


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