Security may be an illusion , every platform may be vulnerable and penetrated, But we still have a control over our online accounts and it’s our duty to prevent them from being hacked.πŸ”’

Hackers targets mostly includes online accounts like bank account,social media accounts, bank accounts and others.

When Hackers get hold of your secret information, they use them to do illegal practices like spamming your social medias,withdrawing money from your bank account (that may be the worst😨).
But….. Dave is here to help you out, I am going to give you 3 security pro tipΒ to ensure effective security of your online account details.
1. Have a Good password combination.
A good and strong password combination can wade off Hackers from trying to hack your account,A strong password makes it tedious for a hacker to crack your online account passwords.
2. Avoid use of public computers.

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Never use public computers to log in to your online accounts, it makes your account open to accounts as anybody can enter into those computers and grab all history,cookies and data of the site you visited, which may be used to attack and penetrate your online accounts.
3. Stay Away from unsecured Sites , malware’s everywhere.

Your Browser will warn you when visiting some site about the malicious status.

When you get these warnings , the best thing to do is to leave the websites immediately .
4. Always leave your computer locked.
This increases the probability of you getting secured from illegal hacking practices.

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5. Download files only from Trusted sites .
Many downloading site out there are owned by hackers , and they use the opportunity to embed malware , viruses and Trojans into the file you want to download, which when installed on your PCs, can make the system vulnerable to these malware’s, which may steal valuable in formations , thereby making you unsecured .
Stay protectedπŸ”’πŸ”’πŸ”’.
Your online account matters and are unique, protect themπŸ”πŸ”πŸ”.

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