Technology is changing everything almost everyday, people are making innovations, these new innovations changes the way we think and interact with modern day technology. We see it as a life saver, companion, problem solver, in fact, some see it as another kind of life entirely.

iLand is turning that modern day technology into something beneficial for everyone. Recruiting professional traders to trade for the professional newbies. In recent times, as a matter of fact, the most searched keywords on google apart from big boobs and ass is “how to make money online”.

You would agree with me that at a certain point in time, you have searched for this keyword and the end result was disappointing. You would see lots of opportunities to finally make money online but the bitter truth is, most people usually use this opportunity to prey on naive internet users. Its also a fact that 80% of those who have searched and followed through this keyword have been defrauded, at least once.

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Out of the results you may get from the said keyword, you are most likely to come across real investments like treasury bills, peer to peer lending, stock trading, binary options,  forex or things you probably haven’t heard before.

Imagine a firm that focuses on a particular investment, sounds cool right? Yup, that’s what iLand does.

A company that looks for highly skilled forex traders and hire them.  The job of these traders is to make use of the funds available for strategic trading. Getting averagely 4-7 in percentage every week. Thereby minimizing risk to the fullest.

iLand is a company making use of financial technology for the betterment of the society.

Its hard to delve into any investment without proper knowledge of it. Like most people will usually do, they dive in,  then the investment will shit them back out. This instance could change in a matter of years, with forex trading.

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People never ever ever ever joke with their money, not even a little bit. This firm has a solution to that as well, they have a status page that shows live trades of professionals. Yes, I mean live trades, where you can watch your money go up, or down but in most cases its usually up,  Yup.

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This is the future of fintechs, very soon we will see AI trading bots capable of automatically making trades in an instant without emotions at all, of course with supervision of professionals too. Machines are intelligent but they don’t have common sense, i.e they can only do things within what has been programmed in them.

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Enough said, don’t trade forex because you see people making money with it, those people are professionals and you probably don’t have time to learn because you want to keep your day job.  Let iLand trade for you instead. It is safer that way. Join me, visit now to get started.

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