WhatsApp messenger is one of the most commonly used instant messaging appsacross the world. The application has replaced default messaging apps and short messages with instant messages. Now, you can send and receive text, photos, videos, audios and much more without paying anything. The instant messenger uses your internet connection to let you communicate with the people across the globe. No matter where you are and what time it is, you can freely communicatewith WhatsApp user without any hindrance. You can drop a message or make a call that can be audio or video. The perks of the instant messaging app are innumerable. However, the unbridled and uncontrolled use of WhatsApp may lead to certain risks especially when it comes to teenagers.

The teenage WhatsApp users are more likely to become a target of cyber bullying, online child molestation, sexting and scamming. The more they remain online the higher their risks are of becoming victim of online crime. Similarly, the employees who use WhatsApp for official purpose may use the app for wrongdoing such as online harassment and data breach.Parents and employers are needed to monitor WhatsApp to keep their children and workers from vulnerable, unproductive and malicious activities.

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Fortunately, there is an application that lets you monitor WhatsApp of your children and employees. You can supervise the digital behavior of your concerned ones to ensure their protection. This article discusses how WhatsApp monitoring app TheOneSpy helps you supervise WhatsApp activities of your children and workers.

TheOneSpy WhatsApp Monitoring App

TheOneSpy is a cell phone monitoring app that is particularly intended for parents and employers to keep tabs on the online and offline activities of their children and workers performed on and in the vicinity of the monitored cell phone. Once you install the app on the Android or iPhone device of your children and workers after taking their informed consent, you can monitor and control their cell phones via online control panel. There is an online account of TheOneSpy that acts as a control panel to monitor and control the target mobile phone.

The spy app syncs the important cell phone data and uploads to the online spy account. This whole procedure uses the internet connection and takes place in secretive mode without producing any sound or notification on the targeted cell phone. The data synced from the targeted cell phone includes messages, contacts, call logs, photos, videos, voice recordings and more stuff stored on the phone memory.

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The cell phone monitoring software lets you spy on applications installed on the targeted cell phone. It also includes social media apps. You can monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Tumblr, Tinder, Kik, Telegram, Line, Viber and many other commonly used social media apps. It allows monitoring social media chats, photos, videos, posts, comments, friends-list, followers-list and more.

Monitor WhatsApp Messages 

WhatsApp lets you communicate your messages to the online buddies. You can exchange text, emoticons, stickers, links, GPS location, document files and much more. The WhatsApp spy app lets you monitor all this stuff by creating an online copy of these messages. By logging into the online spy account, you can read all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages of your children and workers. Also, you can get contact detail of message senders and receivers.

Track WhatsApp Media

With the instant messaging app, you can exchange photos, videos and audios. The WhatsApp spy app gets access to the media files stored on the targeted cell phoneand it also includes photos, videos and audios exchanged via instant messenger. These media files get uploaded to the spy account from where parents and employers can see and download them.

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Track WhatsApp Calls

The spy app lets you know from whom your kids have received calls and to whom they have made calls and at what time. You can monitor WhatsApp call logs to stay updated about every incoming and outgoing VOIP call of your children and workers.

Monitor WhatsApp Activities with Screenshots

The cell phone tracking app lets you capture every activity performed on instant messenger with the help of screenshots. The spy app starts taking screenshots of the monitored phone as the target starts using the instant messenger. The screenshots get uploaded to the spy account from where they can be seen and downloaded. It lets you monitor and record every action performed on the instant messenger.


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