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5 Amazing Gmail Tips and Tricks For you in 2018


If you are in a Digital Performance Marketing Agency, you should definitely know the
whereabouts of Google and more precisely Gmail. Since all your work is mostly
generated and regulated via emails. We’d, however, recommend you to use Gmail
based on the fact that it is safe and secure and consist tons of tools to help you going
and easier to formulate and complete your deadlines.

Gmail Tips And Tricks 2018

Saying Amen to that, here are some Gmail tips and tricks to help you boost productivity, save your time and stay in control of your inbox.

gmail tips and tricks

1. Use Canned Responses:

Keep communication with your clients and various stakeholders consistent.
Using canned responses, you are able to send out tons of emails quickly with the
help of stock templates.

This gmail tip alone will save your times and ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors in your emails. Which is a good thing to lure in your client and intrigue them.
This useful Gmail trick alone will save you a ton of time and ensures your emails have no spelling or grammar mistakes.

2. Un-send any undesirable email:

If you are working in a Seo agency in Pakistan, then you must know the struggle.
Sometimes there comes a day or days when you are not in the mood to write
anything but your employer pushes you to do it and tags a deadline to it so to
speed up the process. That leads you to write less catchy emails and you end-up
sending them. However, you can un-send that email via Gmail as it has that
option to access you to do it. Gmail’s unsend feature that allows you to take back
any less than desirable emails before it’s too late. You can further adjust the time
duration accessible to this option in the settings with this cool gmail tip.

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3. Prioritize your most important emails.

Prioritizing your emails by using the already existing labels and filters feature in Gmail to save you from getting distracted by unnecessary emails and lose your focus is one awesome trick for gmail to make use of.
Secondly, you will need to set-up appropriate filters so Gmail knows which
buckets to assign incoming mail.

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4. Manage your entire sales cycle within Gmail:

When you’re moving prospects through your sales funnel, a lot of emails are
being sent back and forth, everything from submitting proposals, negotiating
payments and handling customer objections. Use a free plug-in called Streak to
manage your agency’s entire sales cycle within Gmail.

5. Avoid the use of multiple email accounts:

It is hectic to use different email accounts for different purposes so save yourself
the trouble. Learning how to make use of one or at most 2 email accounts from your device whether a PC or a the Gmail Smartphone app is one of the amazing gmail tips and tricks to master in order to maximize productivity.

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Did you know you can push all of your emails through a single Gmail account?
Gmail lets you send emails from your company’s email address, personal and
work email all through a single Gmail account.

Conclusion on the best Gmail Tips and Tricks To Use In 2018

In conclusion. Gmail is a very wonderful tool and there exists so many wonderful tricks to use on gmail, the few tips and tricks for gmail listed in this article are only a tip of the iceberg as there are many ways to maximize productivity with the help of a service such as gmail. There exist for example on the chrome webstore some awesome extensions to help make gmail more powerful and efficient and avoid wasting time.