The Dragon City game apk download involves raising fire-breathing dragons while training them to become formidable fighters. In an adventurous spirit, the player is called to tame these mythical creatures and take care of them. Several missions will be proposed to him during each part that he will have to succeed in the dragon city apk download game.

How To Download The Dragon City apk file

in order to download the dragon city game, you need to have a facebook account after that, you can proceed to download the game from the link below

Dragon City Apk Download

Download the dragon city apk game from for free.

dragon city game apk download
dragon city game apk download

Main features of Dragon City Apk Download

  • Game System: At the beginning of the game, the player is brought to collect different species of dragons. There are altogether 100 different breeds. He will have to feed them and train them. It is also possible to cross different types of dragons in order to obtain a new breed with the particular skill in this apk download for dragon city.
  • Construction: The player can build a city to raise his creatures. There are magical buildings specialized for these kinds of animals. The player will be able to improve this city according to the types of elevated dragons and the conditions necessary for their development. For example, the seaside town establishment will be ideal for training water-type dragons city apk download.
  • Fights: Many challenges are offered online daily and it is up to the player to choose the ones that interest them the most. By accepting to take up a challenge, the dragon of one player will have to face that of another. The winner will see his experience points increase and his powers evolve.
  • Sharing: Dragon City game stands out from other similar games by the fact that it is possible to share the powers of its dragons with other participants via social networks. He can also play with other people and visit their respective islands.
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Dragon City game download is a free game for Facebook designed to entertain you with fantasy and dragons. Indeed, Dragon City game is a game whose goal is to make life a community of dragons in a fantastic world of islands and to couple them to obtain new types of dragons.

Therefore, in the Dragon City game, you will have to manage everything on your island of dragons to make them live every day. On the other hand, you will also be able to challenge your friends in the stadium fights to see who has the best team of dragons.

More on Dragon City APK download

  • The download of this game is totally free.
  • It offers well detailed and colorful graphics.
  • Dragon City Update
  • Dragon City Download For Mobile
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